Zebra Card Printer Lint (800350-320EM)


Zebra Card Printer Lint of Ribbon (800350-320EM), Black In KdO ribbons, the “d” stands for dye sublimation. The dye sublimation process allows you to print on a grey scale, creating shading and shadows. KdO ribbons are great for printing black and white images or logos. Zebra True Colors® card printer ribbons produce high-quality IDs and extend the life of your printers and cards. - Vibrant colors, "true-to-life" flesh tones, and sharp barcodes and text - Patented print ribbon technology for minimal printhead buildup and durable cards - Advanced RFID intelligent technology for automated ribbon detection, driver configuration and more

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Zebra Card Printer Lint (800350-320EM)

Media Media Type Thermisch
Print Kleuren Zwart
Algemeen Compatibiliteit Zebra ZC350
SKU 800350-320EM
Toepassing Zwart/Wit Afbeeldingen
Fysieke Eigenschappen Print Capaciteit 700 Afbeeldingen
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